Pride Radio Group VK Kits

VK Kits is an initiative to lower cost and complexity in entering the amateur radio hobby in Australia. Kits are provided when available to VK Pride Radio Group members who cannot afford to purchase the equipment themselves.

Along with the physical kit we plan on providing instructions on how to use and experiment with the equipment. We provide a list of hardware here for those who wish to purchase the equipment themselves.

Applying for a kit

Kits are available for free provided you meet the following criteria: If you believe you meet these criteria, contact Michaela Wheeler at Pride Radio Group.

Included Equipment

Baofeng DM1801 (running OpenDM1801)

DM1801 is a low budget 2m/70cm receiver that can do both FM and DMR. This opens up the possibility for basic repeater usage, satellite and digital voice.

To alleviate concerns over spurs and harmonics being a cheap radio, each one is tested prior to being shipped on a spectrum analyser. We also provide our own 12v plug pack which complies with Australian standards.

OpenGD77 project includes support for this radio (OpenDM1801) and it's flashed before sending out. This provides all the functionality for a user to get started without the need of a computer for programming.

Source : AliExpress

RTL-SDR Blog v3

What better way to get started exploring the radio waves than with an RTL-SDR. Loads of exploration can be performed using the RTL-SDR making it a staple component.

RTL-SDR blog version was chosen as it's high quality, low price and the ability to use for HF listening. The antenna kit is used as it provides a starting point for listening to signals

Source : RTL SDR Blog


NanoVNA is an inexpensive tool for testing antennas and experimenting with filters.

Source : AliExpress

MMDVM Hotspot

We wanted a way of getting new members onto Pride Radio Group nets, and given we have a DMR radio what better way than using a HotSpot.

Configuring hotspots is a little tricky, so look out for future documentation on how to walk through this process.

Source : AliExpress

APRS-K1 Cable

Being able to interface a radio with a computer or phone is a lot of fun. 1200 and even 2400 baud packet radio is attainable by connecting a handheld radio to a phone, not to mention fun with SSTV

Source : AliExpress

RF Filter Demo Board

These little demo boards contain a bunch of different filters that can be used with the NanoVNA to explore their purpose and real work implementations. They don't cost much so they were an easy addition to make

Source : AliExpress

SMA pigtails

An SMA pigtail for building a custom antenna. With the included tookkit, and VNA this should be enough to get on the air with a home built Yagi, or JPole

Source : AliExpress

Toolkit (inc, Multimeter, Soldering iron)

We are providing a small toolkit that includes important tools for experimenting:

Source : Altronics

Projects and Experiments





These tutorials haven't been written yet. Reach out if you want to help :)

Contact details

For all details regarding the kits contact Michaela Wheeler from Pride Radio Group.